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Senior researcher of cryo- electron microscope

Job responsibilities:

1. Technical support: cooperate with sales staff to explore customer cooperation needs;

2. Technical support: use professional knowledge to answer the questions of customers;

3. Data processing: using the mainstream software of cryo-electron microscope, carry out SPA data processing and analysis;

4. Product research and development: participate in the integration of image processing algorithms of related products, and realize the image processing system with specific functions through the integration of image processing algorithms;

5. Product test: organize product test, write test and technical document, and propose product improvement plan.


1. Major: computer science, biomedical engineering, structural biology, medical electronics or imaging engineering or relevant major. Should be master degree or above;

2. Data processing: proficient in using cryo-electron microscope, good at cryo-electron microscope SPA/Tomo data processing (required).

3. Computer level: familiar with Linux operating system (required), with certain bash script compiling ability. Good programming ability (python/C++, etc.) is preferred.

4. English proficiency: Passing CET-4, and reading English materials without difficulty are the basic requirements.

5. Passionate and open to communicate, honest and sincere, rich in affinity, able to communicate and interact with partners and customers.

Hardware operation and maintenance engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Perform installation and maintenance of the server hardware and operating system of customers.

2. GPU server hardware installation and maintenance, and HPC cluster management and performance optimization.

3. Finish other tasks assigned by leaders on time.

Job qualifications:

1. Have experience in using and maintaining server hardware for 1 to 2 years

2. Familiar with server hardware knowledge, BIOS configuration, partition RAID, and common hardware fault judgment.

3. Familiar with Linux management knowledge, such as system installation, the configuration of dhcp,dns,nfs,smb service in common use of Linux and so on